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Silicon carbide castable is a refractory material whihc is manufactured with SiC as the main raw material, which include 72%~99% SiC content. Silicon carbide bricks are manufactured with mixing SiC granule, SiC powder and binding agent through ageing mixture, moulding, drying and firing. Silicon carbide refractory brick has features of high thermal conductivity, great wear resistance and can be used for linings of aluminium cell. silicon carbide insulation castable is loose, no fixed shape, and has high liquidity, casting and vibration molding, so refractory silicon carbide castable can use directly or use after add appropriate water or other liquid. silicon carbide castable is one of the new type refractory material of don’t need calcination.

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Silicon Carbide Castable Description

Silicon carbide bricks are kind of very important refractory building materials for various furnaces and kilns in high temperature and high strength erosion atmosphere. Silicon carbide refractory brick has much excellent performance on resisting very bad environment erosion, such as high heat conductivity, good abrasive resistance, great thermal shock resistance, strong resistant to acid and alkali slag erosion and low heat expansion coefficient. Refractory silicon carbide castable mainly used for different parts of cement kiln and the roof of electric arc furnace and steel ladel.

Properties of Silicon Carbide Castable

  • High thermal conductivity,
  • High temperature strength,
  • Good abrasion resistance,
  • Good thermal shock resistance,
  • Strong corrosion resistance,
  • Small expansion coefficient.

Manufacturing Process of Silicon Carbide Castable

Silicon carbide brick is made of the raw material black SiC. The main crystal phase is SiC. Refractory silicon carbide brick is formed by matching the binding agent, mixing, molding and firing process. The moth hardness of silicon carbide brick is 9, thus, Silicon insulation carbide brick has the strong acid slag resistance.

Compositions of Silicon Carbide Castable

The raw materials of the silicon carbide bricks are silicon carbide, about 72%-99%. Silicon carbide is also called the moissanite, corundum sand or refractory sand. Silicon carbide refractory brick is made by quartz sand, petroleum coke or coal tar, and wood bits, being produced by high temperature smelting in the electric resistance furnace.

Classification of Silicon Carbide Castable

Silicon carbide refractory brick can be classified into clay bonded silicon carbide bricks, Si3N4 bonded silicon carbide bricks, Sialon bonded silicon carbide bricks, β-SiC bonded silicon carbide bricks, Si2ON2 bonded silicon carbide bricks and recrystal silicon carbide bricks.

Rongsheng Refractory Silicon Carbide Castable Specifications

Physical Properties Required quantity (t/m3) 2.68 2.6 2.5
Water Required for Casting (%) 6 – 7 6 – 7 7 – 8
CCS (kg/cm2) @ 110℃x24h 650(140) 500(90) 450(70)
@ 1000℃x3h 850(150) 600(150) 550(100)
@ 1350℃x3h 1100(250) 1000(250) 1000(250)
PLC (%) @ 110℃x24h -0.06 -0.06 -0.06
@ 1000℃x3h -0.1 -0.1 -0.2
@ 1350℃x3h -0.1 -0.1 -0.12
TC (kcal/mh℃) @ 350℃ 11.5 11 8
Chemical Properties (%) Al2O3 9 9 20
SiC + C 83 78 58
Main Applications Nonferrous Metal Furnace, Incinerator, Cement Furnace & other Industrial Furnace

Application of Silicon Carbide Castable

Refractory silicon carbide castable is mainly used for different parts of cement kiln and the roof of electric arc furnace and steel ladel. And also can be used in the following places.

  • Ceramic kiln,
  • Lining of zincretort,
  • Lining of aluminium cell,
  • Molten aluminium tubular conductor,
  • Large and medium blast furnace,
  • Furnace lining of Aluminium refining furnace.

Silicon Carbide Castable Manufacturer from RS Refractory Factory

RS refractory factory as a professional silicon carbide castable manufacturer in china, have many competitive advantages in the market. if you have demand of refractory silicon carbide castable, or have some questions on silicon carbide refractory castable about physical and chemical indicators, please contact us for free, we will provide you with high quality silicon carbide castables.

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