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Corundum refractory plastic is made of wear resistant refractory raw materials, aggregated with powder or liquid binder, and mixed with some additives. Corundum plastic refractory can be made of plastic with excellent wear resistance at high temperature. refractory corundum plastic has good properties of good plasticity at room temperature, fine expansion at high temperature, high strength after high temperature, good sealing and convenient construction. Corundum refractory plastics are widely used rotary kiln, heating furnace and other industrial kiln lining and large cement kiln mouth, three wind tunnel coal injection pipe and other parts.

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Corundum Refractory Plastic Description

Refractory corundum plastic is the same as the aggregate of the refractory castable, but only the binder is different, the wear resistant refractory plastic binder is raw clay. Corundum plastic refractory has higher mechanical strength and abrasion resistance than high alumina refractory castable and mullite refractory castable. Corundum refractory plastics have the least wear loss, high strength, arbitrary shape control, strong integrity, simple construction, good construction performance and high strength, castables corundum refractory plastic can be used by adding water and stirring on site.

Properties of Corundum Refractory Plastic

  • Have high strength.
  • Have excellent performance,
  • Have good volume stability,
  • Have excellent wear resistance,
  • Have stable thermal shock resistance.

Advantages of Corundum Refractory Plastic

Corundum refractory plastic adopts the composite combination method of hydration combination and agglomeration, and has good toughness and thermal shock stability. Refractory corundum plastic has excellent wear resistance, refractory plastic can withstand high speed, high concentration catalyst, coke particles and smoke scouring.

Manufacturing Process of Corundum Refractory Plastic

Refractory corundum plastic is carried out by the method of tapping and compacting. Before the construction, the refractory corundum plastic can be laid at the required part, the blanks should be laid in the wrong seam. After the beating, the joint of the blank should be beaten, and then the hammer or hammer will be used. The entire area was beaten 3 times to ensure the material density.

Rongsheng Refractory Corundum Refractory Plastic Specifications

Item Refractory Plastic
Index Clay Alumina Corundum
Flexural Strength(Mpa)
6.3 5.3 13.2
Refractoriness(℃) 1500 1600 1900
Al2o3(%) 55 70 90

Applation of Corundum Refractory Plastic

1.Corundum refractory plastic is suitable for circulating chemical bed boiler cyclone, furnace wall lining and coal ash impact and serious parts.
2.Refractory corundum plastic is mainly used in important parts of circulating fluidized bed boilers, such as the top of the cyclone, the returning device, the combustion zone of the combustion chamber and other parts with more serious wear and erosion.
3.Refractory corundum plastic is suitable for the cyclone cylinder of the circulating fluidized bed boiler, the lining of the furnace wall and the parts with severe impact and wear of coal ash.

Corundum Refractory Plastic Manufacturer from RS Refractory Factory

RS refractory factory as a professional acid corundum refractory plastic manufacturer in china, have many competitive advantages in the market. if you have demand of refractory corundum plastic or have some questions on corundum refractory plastics, about physical and chemical indicators, please contact us for free, we will provide you with high quality refractory corundum plastics.

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