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Ceramic fiber blanket is manufactured from the raw material of aluminium silicate and ceramic fiber blankets have various properties of high heat stability, low storage for heat, light weight, strong resistance to erosion, low thermal conductivity and good thermal shock resistance, which can be widely used in high temperature furnace and kiln for heat insulation.

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Ceramic Fiber Blanket Description

Ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of refractory insulation material with white color and regular size integrated fire resistance, heat insulation and thermal insulation. Refractory ceramic fiber blanket has refractoriness of 950~1400 ℃ and can keep the well tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure. Ceramic fiber blankets have the features of low thermal conductivity, excellent heat insulation, low thermal shrinkage, and excellent erosion resistance.

Properties of Ceramic Fiber Blanket

  • Low thermal conductivity,
  • Low heat capacity,
  • High tensile strength,
  • Excellent chemistry stability,
  • Excellent heat stability,
  • Excellent resistance to shock,
  • Excellent sound absorption.

Manufacturing Process of Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Refractory ceramic fiber blanket adopts high strength spun ceramic fibers throng special two side needled process to improve greatly mixture degree, layered resistance, tensile strength and evenness. ceramic fiber blanket without any organic binding agent can ensure its good plasticity and stability at the high or low temperature service situation.

Types of Ceramic Fiber Blanket

  • Common type ceramic fiber blanket,
  • Standard type ceramic fiber blanket,
  • High purity type ceramic fiber blanket,
  • High alumina type ceramic fiber blanket,
  • High zircon type ceramic fiber blanket.

Rongsheng Refractory Ceramic Fiber Blanket Specifications

Item/Index Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Fiber blanket 1260 Fiber blanket 1400 Fiber blanket 1500 Fiber blanket 1600
Classification Temperature 1260 1425 1500 1600
Melting Point 1760 1800 1900 2000
Color White White Green-blue White
Mean Fibre Diameter 2.6 2.8 2.65 3.1
Fiber length 250 250 150 400
Fiber Density 2600 2800 2650 3100
Shot Content 12 12
Heat conductivity coefficient
Average 400℃ 0.08 0.08
Average 600℃ 0.12 0.12
Average 800℃ 0.16 0.16
Average 1000℃ 0.23
Chemical component
Al2O3 47.1 35.0 40.0 72
SiO2 52.3 46.7 58.1 28
ZrO2 17.0
Cr2O3 1.8

Application of Ceramic Fiber Blanket

  • High temperature duct, pipe insulation,
  • Turbine insulation,
  • Expansion joints & tube seals,
  • Heat treatment furnaces, soaking pit cover sealing,
  • Ovens and stack linings,
  • Exhaust duct and Air pre-heater insulation,
  • Boiler insulation,
  • Fire retardant.
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Ceramic Fiber Blanket Manufacturer from RS Refractory Factory

RS refractory factory is a professional ceramic fiber blanket manufacturer that established in the early 90s of twenty century. RS refractory factory has specialized in ceramic fiber blankets for more than 20 years. if you have some demand of refractory ceramic fiber blanket, or have some questions on ceramic fiber blankets about physical and chemical indicators, please contact us for free.

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