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Alkali proof castable is the most used of all the castable applied in the cement rotary kilns. Because when the temperature is at 1250℃, it crusts forming a protective layer, preventing the erosion and infiltration to the casting body of the basic flow, slags or other materials. Due to alkali proof castablesresistance to alkali gas and clinker or slags with long service life, high strength, low bulk density, and high refractoriness, refractory alkali proof castable is widely used in the industrial furnaces that are eroded by alkali materials, such as the kiln hood, preheater system, decomposition furnace.

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Alkali Proof Castable Description

Alkali proof castable has high liquidity and is suitable for unshaped refractory materials made with pouring type. Alkali proof refractory castable has various features of high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength and strong acid erosion resistance for all kinds of furnaces and kilns application. Alkali proof castable can react with metal oxide at high temperature generating high viscosity liquid products, which forming a glaze layer avoiding the penetration and erosion of the alkali melting metal.

Properties of Alkali Proof Castable

  • Long service life,
  • High strength,
  • Low bulk density,
  • High refractoriness.

Manufacturing Process of Alkali Proof Castable

Alkali proof refractory castable is made of refractory aggregates, binders and alkali resistance powder. Its aggregates are ceramsite, sticky soil clinker, waste porcelain material, high strength expanded perlite, etc. together with calcium aluminate cement and sodium silicate as binders.

Classification of Alkali Proof Castable

According to different conditions and environments, alkali proof castable can be divided into light alkali proof castable and heavy alkali proof castable. Those with porosity greater than 45% are light alkali proof castable and those with porosity less than 45% are heavy alkali proof castable. The heavy quality alkali proof castable can be divided into medium temperature alkali proof castable and high temperature alkali proof castable.

Rongsheng Refractory Alkali Proof Castable Specifications

Items Brands YH-F16 YH-F16K
Al2O3 ≥ 48 45
Bulk Density g/cm3 ≥ 110℃×24h 2.2-2.4 2.2-2.4
Modules of rupture Mpa ≥ 1110℃×3h 7 8
110℃×24h 7 8
Cold crushing Strength Mpa ≥ 1110℃×3h 70 80
1110℃×3h 70 80
Linear dimensional change 1110℃×3h ±0.4 ±0.4

Application of Alkali Proof Castable

Refractory alkali proof castable is widely used in the industrial furnaces that are eroded by alkali materials, such as the kiln hood, preheater system, decomposition furnace. And also can be used in the following place.

  • Kiln hood, grate cooler, and cold end of cooler,
  • Coal nozzle, preheater system, pipeline system, and kiln mouth of the large and medium-sized dry process cement kilns,
  • Preheater system or the pipeline system of the decomposition furnace,
  • Iron and steel industry, and glass industry,
  • Machinery industry, and petrochemical industry,
  • Preheat decomposition zone of the ordinary dry process rotary kiln, etc.

Alkali Proof Castable Manufacturer from RS Refractory Factory

RS refractory factory is a professional alkali proof castable supplier that established in the early 90s of twenty century. RS refractory factory has specialized in alkali proof castables for more than 20 years. if you have some demand of refractory alkali proof castable, or have some questions on refractory alkali proof castable about physical and chemical indicators, please contact us for free. and Rs refractory factory as a professional alkali proof castable manufacturer in china, has some competitive advantages as follows:

  1. Competitive Price: Make the products competitive in your market,
  2. Abundant Experience: Prevent cracks and twist in bricks,
  3. Different Moulds: Save mould fees for you,
  4. Strict Quality Control: Meet clients’ quality requirement,
  5. Large stocks: Guarantee prompt delivery,
  6. Professional Packing: Avoid damage and secure the goods in transportation.

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