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High alumina castable is one of the unshaped refractory materials, high alumina refractory castable is made of refractory aggregate, refractory powder, binders and other additives. high alumina castables are loose and no fixed shape, also have high liquidity, casting and vibration molding. Refractory high alumina castable can use directly or use after add appropriate water or other liquid. high alumina insulation castable is one of the new type refractory material of don’t need calcination. high alumina insulation castable is mainly used for furnace lining of boiler, blast furnace hot blast stove, heating furnace, ceramic kiln and various industrial furnaces.

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High Alumina Castable Description

High alumina castable is a kind of refractory castable which uses high alumina raw material as aggregates and the powder and then be added with binding agent. High aluminum refractory castable has high mechanical strength, good thermal shock resistance, good corrosion resistance. high alumina refractory castable is an amorphous refractory with high mobility, refractory high alumina castable is made from refractory aggregate, powder, binder, additives, water, or other liquid materia. high alumina castables can be used with molding method of site casting, vibrating or tamping, also a preform can be made in use and can be used with casting method of construction but be hardened without heating.

Properties of High Alumina Castable

  • High intensity,
  • Volume stability,
  • Good insulation,
  • Acid resistance,
  • High temperature tolerance,
  • Good thermal shock resistance,
  • Good slag resistance,
  • Good wear resistance,
  • Good corrosion resistance,
  • Construction is convenien.

Five-step Production process of High Alumina Castable

Select the raw materials of high aluminum casting materials according to the formula.
Calculate the gradation and dosage of aggregate, powder, binder and additive according to the raw material formula, and strictly control the aggregate powder particles.
Put the weighted aggregate and powder into the blender one after another, and then pour the powder into the aggregate and stir for 8-10 minutes.
Put the stirred high aluminum pouring material into the ton bag, equipped with additives and binder, and then package.
The packed high aluminum pouring materials shall be stored in the warehouse, and the date shall be marked and moisture-proof and waterproof.

Advantages of High Alumina Castable

  •  High refractoriness, High refractoriness under load,
  •  High density, low porosity,
  •  Good slag resistance and corrosion resistance,
  •  High strength and wear resistance,
  •  Good resistance to flake performance,
  •  Good thermal shock stability,
  •  Scouring resistance,
  •  Good hot strength.

Rongsheng Refractory High Alumina Castable Specifications

Al2O3 % 65 75
Refractoriness℃ 1750 1770
Linear Dimensional Change % -0.02 -0.4
Cold Crushing Strength MPa ≥ 110℃×24h 50 60
1100℃×4h 60 70
Breaking Strength MPa ≥ 110℃×24h 9 11
1100℃×4h 10 12
Maximum Service Temperature ℃ 1200 1400

Application of High Alumina Castable

High alumina castable is produced after manufactured under high temperature in rotary and grind into powder. the product is for making high quality refractory castables, which is a dispensable tool used in high temperature facilities in industries like metallurgy, building material, chemical, electric plant. Also high alumina castables can be used in the following places.

  • Rotary kiln lining,
  • Thermal converter lining,
  • Metallurgical industry,
  • Chemical industry,
  • Construction industry.

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