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High alumina refractory cement is made of high alumina bauxite and high purity limestone and then burned into cement through a large rotary kiln. Dipping, and finished by grinding, homogenization and other processes. High alumina cement has excellent early strength, a wide range of application, and stable setting time, making it the first choice for refractory castables. High alumina fire cement has many characteristics such as high early strength enhancement, high hydration heat, strong sulfate resistance and high temperature resistance. High alumina cement is applied to the special needs of emergency construction, emergency repair, sulfate resistance and winter construction.

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High Alumina Refractory Cement Description

High alumina cement is produced by fusing selected raw material in Special furnace. After cooling, the clinker is ground using ball mills. The raw materials of high alumina refractory cement CA-70 are high purity calcium materials and high pure alumina. The raw materials should be mixed according to suitable ratio. The raw material should be burned to partly fuse. The content of Al2O3 is usually controlled within 68% to 72%. The principal compounds of it are CA and CA2.

Properties of High Alumina Refractory Cement

  • Rapid-hardening, high strength,
  • High refractoriness, high-temperature service performance,
  • Good resistance to abrasion, high wear resistance,
  • Stable hydrating capacity,
  • Good anti-corrosion performance,
  • High thermal shock stability.

Advantages of High Alumina Refractory Cement

1.Good performance to thermal shock, corrosion, erosion and abrasion resistance,
2.High refractoriness and excellent mechanical strength,
3.Both intermittently and continuously working mode are acceptable, reducing lining cracks,
4.Longer and stable life cycle to reach high efficiency,
5.Suit for all kinds of metal types, reduce residue and porosity of the products,
6.Labor and cost saving by convenient installation and maintenance.

Rongsheng High Alumina Refractory Cement Specifications

Item Unit 75% Alumina Index 40% Alumina Index
Al2O3 % ≥75 ≥40
CaO % ≥2.5
Bulk density 110°C×24h g/cm3 ≥2.65 ≥2.3
1100°C×3h g/cm3 ≥2.65 ≥2.3
Crushing strength 110°C×24h Mpa ≥45 ≥40
1500°C×3h Mpa ≥70 ≥60
Rupture strength 110°C×24h Mpa ≥6 ≥6
1500°C×3h Mpa ≥10 ≥8
Linear change rate at 1100°C % -0.1~-0.5 ±0.5
Highest Application Temperature °C 1500 1350

Application of High Alumina Refractory Cement

High alumina cement is mainly used in the special needs of emergency construction, emergency repair, sulfate resistance and winter construction. And high alumina refractory cement is mainly used in urgent project schedules, such as pressure defense, road and special repair projects. Also high alumina fire cement used in the following place:

  • Construction of sulfate corrosion resistance and high temperature proof,
  • Used in rush repairs, leakage stopping , resistance to sulfate attack,
  • Ideal binder for refractories such as refractory concrete, refractory castable, ramming mixing, gunning mixing and manmade marble bricks,
  • Used as ceramic adhesive,
  • Used for sealing coating products and refractory mortar,
  • Used in chemical industry, metallurgical industry, building materials.

High Alumina Refractory Cement Manufacturer from RS Refractory Factory

RS refractory factory is a professional high alumina refractory cement supplier that established in the early 90s of twenty century. RS refractory factory has specialized in high alumina cement for more than 20 years. if you have some demand of high alumina refractory cement, or have some questions on zircon mulite refractory bricabout physical and chemical indicators, please contact us for free. and Rs refractory factory as a professional zircon mulite refractory brick manufacturer in china, has some competitive advantages as follows:

  1. Competitive Price: Make the products competitive in your market,
  2. Abundant Experience: Prevent cracks and twist in bricks,
  3. Different Moulds: Save mould fees for you,
  4. Strict Quality Control: Meet clients’ quality requirement,
  5. Large stocks: Guarantee prompt delivery,
  6. Professional Packing: Avoid damage and secure the goods in transportation.

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