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Magnesite bricks is a kind of alkali refractory with over 90% MgO content and adopts the periclase as the main crystal phase. Magnesia bricks is featured with high refractoriness, alkaline slag resistance, high refractoriness under load. Magnesia bricks is mainly used in steel-making basic open hearth, electric furnace, converter, non-ferrous smelting furnace, high temperature tunnel kiln, cement rotary kiln lining, heating furnace, and glass kiln.

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Magnesia bricks have over 90% magnesium oxide content and adopt periclase as the principal crystalline phase. Magnesite Bricks can be divided into two categories of Burnt Magnesia Bricks and Chemical Bonded Magnesite Brick. Magnesite bricks have excellent performance of superior high temperature mechanical strength and volume stability. And can service in the high temperature of 1750℃, Magnesite bricks are ideal products for glass furnace application.

Properties of Magnesia Bricks

  • High refractorines,
  • Alkaline slag resistance,
  • Erosion resistance and excellent anti-oxidation,
  • High refractoriness under load,
  • High mechanical strength,
  • Volume stability at high temperature.

Magnesia Bricks Manufacturing Process

Magnesia bricks can be classified into two types: burnt magnesite brick and chemical bonded magnesite brick. Burnt magnesite bricks are made from raw material of periclase, after fired with 1550~1600℃ high temperature through crushing, mixing, melting and molding. High purity products have over 1750℃ burnt temperature. Unburnt magnesite brick is made of adding suitable chemical agent through melting, molding and drying.

Classifications of Magnesia Bricks

Due to the different chemical composition of magnesia bricks, which can be classified into different types, and all of these bricks are produced by sintering. Based on different raw materials, magnesia bricks can be classified into the following classifications:

Ordinary magnesia brick: sintered magnesite stone.

Direct bond magnesia brick: high purity sintered magnesite.

Forsterite brick: peridotite

Magnesia calcia brick: sintered magnesite containing high calcium.

Magnesia silica brick: high silicon sintered magnesite stone.

Magnesia chrome brick: sintered magnesite and some chrome ore.

Magnesia alumina brick: sintered magnesite stone and Al2O3.

Rongsheng Refractory Magnesia Bricks Specifications

Items Physical and Chemical characters
M-98 M-97A M-97B M-95A M-95B M-97 M-89
MgO % ≥ 97.5 97.0 96.5 95.0 94.5 91.0 89.0
SiO2 % ≤ 1.00 1.20 1.5 2.0 2.5 - -
CaO %≤ - - - 2.0 2.0 3.0 3.0
Apparent Porosity   % ≤ 16 16 18 16 18 18 20
Bulk Density g/cm3 ≥ 3.0 3.0 2.95 2.90 2.85
Cold Crushing Strength  MPa ≥ 60 60 60 60 50
0.2Mpa Refractoriness Under Load ℃≥ 1700 1700 1650 1560 1500
Permanent linear change  % 1650℃×2h  -0.2~0 1650℃×2h -0.3~0 1600℃×2h -0.5~0 1600℃×2h -0.6~0

Use of Magnesia Bricks for Furnace

Magnesite bricks are suitable for all kind of high temperature furnaces, such as the metallurgical furnaces. In addition, magnesia bricks are widely used in the other thermal equipment, such as hyperthermia tunnel kiln, lining of rotary cement kiln, heating furnace bottom and wall, regenerative chamber of glass furnace, electric furnace bottom and wall and so on.

Magnesia Bricks Manufacturer in ChinaM

RS refractory manufacturer is a professional magnesia bricks manufacturer in China, can provide high quality magnesite bricks for you. If you have demand of magnesia bricks, or have some questions on magnesia bricks about physical and chemical indicators , please contact us for free, our sales will contact you as soon as possible.

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