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Magnesia alumina carbon bricks are made by high alumina bauxite clinker or corundum, sintered and fused magnesia or magnesia alumina spinel and flake graphite as raw material. phenolic resin as bonding agent, add various compound antioxidant and magnesia alumina carbon brick are finished through the process of heat mixing, high pressure shaping, heat treatment. In order to improve the magnesia carbon bricks oxidization, can appropriately add some Si powder, Al powder, SiC powder or silica iron powder and other additives, with resin as the binding agent, high pressure forming, after treatment of 200~300℃, it can be used without calcination.

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Magnesite alumina carbon brick is a kind of refractory bricks which are made of special grade high alumina bauxite or emery, magnesia and flaky graphite as the main material. magnesia alumina carbon firebrick has the characteristics of high corrosion resistance, high refractoriness and good mechanical behavior under high temperature, etc. Magnesia alumina carbon refractory brick is widely used in rigorous molten steel ladle liner. And also the magnesia alumina carbon firebrick is used in the molten bath and ladle bottom of continuous casting large tundish and external furnace refining package is increasing.

Properties of Magnesia Alumina Carbon Bricks

  • Lower apparent porosity and low heat conductivity,
  • Good thermal shock resistance,
  • High strength good corrosion resistance,
  • Good erosion resistance,high slag resistance,
  • Excellent anti-oxidation and anti-stripping ability.

Advantages of Magnesia Alumina Carbon Bricks

Magnesia alumina carbon fire brick have anti erosion, anti stripping, antioxidant and notsticky residue etc.. magnesium alumina carbon fire brick has widely used in ladle in continuous casting and in a certain extent alleviated the low continuous casting ladle life contradiction.

Manufacturing Process of Magnesia Alumina Carbon Bricks

Magnesia alumina carbon block is the refractory raw material with special grade bauxite
magnesite or corundum and flake graphite, which is characterized in high temperature with high carbon with high corrosion resistance and anti stripping advantages, also has
the heat generated by the use of spinel and showed residual line of high expansion ratio
advantages, has become the new development of high quality lining brick.

Magnesia Alumina Carbon Bricks Specifications

Item MC8 MC10 MC12 MC14 MC18
5.0 4.0 4.0 3.0 3.0
Density g/cm3≥
3.00 3.00 2.98 2.95 2.92
Strength MPa≥
50 40 40 35 35
 Mgo,≥ 84 82 76 76 72
 C,≥ 8 10 12 14 18
Application general use corrosion resistance Extra Corrosion Resistance

Application of Magnesia Alumina Carbon Bricks

Magnesium alumina carbon fire brick are widely used in ladle in continuous casting and in a certain extent alleviated the low continuous casting ladle life contradiction. Also magnesium alumina carbon firebrick can be used in the following place:

  1. 1.Converters, EAF,refining furnaces,
  2. 2.Slag line and metal line for ladle,
  3. 3.Electric arc furnace working layer,
  4. 4.Converter furnace working layer,
  5. 5.Super electric furnace ,ladle lining and refining outside the furnace.

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